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    Link My POS

    Digital menu options in a coffee shop

    Link My POS effortlessly pulls product data from your POS system, eliminating the need for manual data entry or data exports.

    Please Note: In order to purchase Link My POS as an add-on, you must have an active software subscription with Samsung. If you do not have an active subscription, please purchase one now.

    Link My POS is compatible with:

    • VXT S Series
    • VXT P Series
    • VXT X Series

    Only Square POS system can be applied

    Add Link My POS to your software subscription

    Link My POS

    Seamlessly integrate your POS systems and Samsung’s VXT CMS for useful, constantly updated information.


    Promote donut shop menu items with the Link my POS add-on

    Display the latest menu & price

    Promote menu items effectively and provide real-time updates with the Link my POS add-on.

    Automatic linkage with POS System (Square)

    Automatic linkage with POS System (Square)

    After logging in to Square's POS system, it is automatically connected and can be used immediately.

    Samsung VXT canvas tool showing various digital signage templates for a donut shop menu

    Various Templates integrated with POS

    Create dynamic and customizable displays that captivate customers with eye-catching visuals through VXT Canvas and various templates integrated with POS system.

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