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    Healthcare digital signage software solutions

    Samsung VXT is the perfect communication partner for hospitals, doctors’ offices, Veterans Administration centers, and other treatment centers. Incorporating healthcare digital signage into your medical facility can help improve patient satisfaction scores, increase staff morale, and promote health and wellness while at the same time replacing those worn-out, dull, static, paper-based waiting room signs.

    A medical professional uses hospital digital signage to present meeting
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    A medical professional uses hospital digital signage to present meeting

    Enhancing the waiting room experience

    Directing visitors to the destination

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    Keeping communication consistent and engaging

    Make the medical experience more friendly

    Digital signage can be deployed throughout the facilities to showcase their brand identity, highlight specialties, and create a welcoming atmosphere for patients, staff, and visitors. Leverage digital displays in offices, medical center, or hospital to communicate both branding and engaging communication.

    Introduce the team

    Placing digital signage in the lobby of a healthcare campus near the main entrance allows facilities to introduce the medical staff and spotlight their achievements, helping to create a sense of appreciation and connection with the community. 

    Improve customer assistance

    Digital displays can provide the necessary information to help keep everyone safe in critical situations, be it by displaying contact information for emergency services, non-emergency urgent issues, and more. Facilities can use them to show emergency protocols, evacuation routes, shelter-in-place protocols, and important announcements, helping everyone stay well-informed, secure, and prepared.

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