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    Powerful features with robust content management solutions

    No matter what your goals may be, Samsung VXT is the right digital signage software to help you achieve them. Whether you’re creating a DIY menu board, entertaining clients in the waiting room, providing information to the corporate office, or installing a digital signage network in a chain of retail stores, Samsung VXT is up to the task.

    A large screen in an executive office displays corporate data for an executive to review while standing at the screen
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    A large screen in an executive office displays corporate data for an executive to review while standing at the screen

    An all-encompassing solution designed with your business in mind

    Samsung VXT promises affordability & accessibility to all without sacrificing quality, with a variety of features to suit nearly any business need.

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    Manage displays easily, everywhere

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    Optimize your reach without exhausting your resources. VXT’s digital signage Content Management system allows for easy content, playlist, and schedule deployment across any screen, any time. Multiple sets of content can be viewed and managed easily on the dashboard. Specific content can be organized into a series (through drag-and-drop clicks) to form a playlist. Using a weekly or monthly calendar view, content and playlists can be scheduled to deploy at specific time periods. Take advantage of Samsung’s digital signage CMS to adjust your messaging to specific customers at different times of the day.

    VXT CMS: A world of display designs at your fingertips

    The VXT Content Management solution allows users to create and deploy content to any screen in the network, from anywhere in the world. You can create content in the app, deploy it in a slideshow-style playlist, and schedule when each piece of content will play. VXT’s mobile UI enables you to control all screens from a cell phone, while VXT’s Sync Play feature lets you make different hardware screens work together into one cohesive, well-designed environment of screens.

    VXT Canvas: easy design, templates included

    Samsung VXT features an intuitive content creation tool called VXT Canvas that allows anyone to effortlessly create content. Users can create their own original digital signage design content with their custom and company fonts or utilize a variety of assets including hundreds of pre-designed digital signage templates and images pre-loaded on the system.

    VXT Canvas Library

    VXT Player: easily stream to all devices

    VXT Player is an app-style, cloud-based digital signage player that operates in a web browser. Any device with a Google Chrome browser can be a virtual VXT Player for streaming digital signage content. Many Samsung displays as well as devices running the Android OS can be used as a VXT Player. Android device users can download and install the VXT Player app from the Google Play Store.


    Secure remote management

    Samsung VXT makes remote management and security for multiple screens simple and effective. Major features of screen management including power on/off, screen orientation, software update, and more are supported through remote connectivity, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming on-site visits. Security controls can be applied to lock the USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and network unless permitted to prevent abuse against screens and limit hacking attempts. Remote Management is a key differentiator compared with other content management solutions as it allows full control of both content and screen management.


    A solution built for your exact business needs

    Users can access a variety of content and other pre-built tools thanks to Pre-Integrated Repeatable Solutions (PIRS), eliminating the need for coding or other technical knowledge.VXT offers access to a wide range of incredible content by global partners, allowing you to create advanced scenarios for end customers without additional development. New and different types of PIRS apps are added regularly.

    Any Screen, Any Time

    Samsung VXT is an app that can operate on nearly any Android device that can access the Google Play Store, not just Samsung displays. Smartphones, tablets, TVs, and other digital displays can all serve as target displays. Simply download and store VXT on a centralized device and deploy content to any display running the VXT Player app.


    Options to fit your every need

    Feature comparison

    Samsung VXT CMS


    Streamlined Onboarding
    Free Trial

    One-click access

    Need to contact sales team

    Instant Provisioning

    Service immediately available

    Not applicable

    Remote Management
    Screen Monitoring

    Real-time streaming

    Screen capture

    Real-time HW Control

    Direct command on screen

    Direct command on screen

    Mobile Access

    Content distribution & device control

    Not supported

    Security Lock

    Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, Network, etc.

    Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, Network, etc.

    Device Compatibility
    Tizen Screen

    LCD signage / Business TV*

    lCD/LED signage

    Non-Tizen Screen

    Web player supported by chrome browser

    Not applicable

    *Tizen 6.5 and above

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