Samsung VXT
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    Corporate offices digital signage software solutions

    Welcome visitors to your business with bright, high-visibility corporate digital signage that delivers a memorable viewing experience. Digital displays in the lobby or in staff spaces can provide information about the company and its history, information about upcoming events, or simply serve as wall art.

    VXT Art must be purchased separately.

    Digital signage is displayed on large screens inside a corporate conference room
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    Digital signage is displayed on large screens inside a corporate conference room

    Create effective, engaging corporate communication

    A guide for the corporate campus

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    Helping to facilitate productive meetings

    Provide user-friendly instruction

    Digital displays in meeting rooms can provide clear and concise instructions on how to use the hardware within the room. This feature ensures that meeting organizers and attendees can easily navigate and utilize the technology, saving time and reducing confusion.

    Manage shared spaces efficiently

    Signage powered by Samsung VXT and placed outside conference rooms can provide a comprehensive schedule of reserved and available times for the rooms. This allows corporate staff to efficiently manage and allocate meeting spaces, ensuring optimal utilization and avoiding scheduling conflicts.

    Stay at the forefront of innovation

    Utilizing Samsung VXT allows you to create a modern and professional office environment with sleek and visually appealing digital signage. VXT Art, available as a separate purchase, offers access to a wide range of incredible art featured in major art museums and galleries, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

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