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Innovate your cloud-based digital signage software solution

Incorporating digital signage into your organization doesn’t have to be complicated. With the Samsung VXT cloud-based digital signage solution, the task is effortless.

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Benefits of Samsung VXT digital signage solution

Digital signage has long been proven to help boost sales, increase brand recall, and enhance the guest experience, and the features of Samsung VXT make it easy for anyone to reap the benefits.

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Solutions for every type of business

Samsung VXT offers benefits that can enhance virtually any type of business.



Priced per screen

S Series

  • VXT Canvas: immense creation with professionally designed templates
  • Content Management: optimize operation with playlist and schedule management
  • VXT Player: compatible content player based on web and android 
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Priced per screen

P Series

  • Includes all functions of S Series, RM S Series, and RM P Series
  • Multi-screen Enrollment: connect multiple screens to VXT through serial number input
  • Sync Play: play and switch content without any delay on multiple screens

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X Series

  • Includes all functions of P Series
  • Enhanced Assistance: 24/7 email & Call center, proactive monitoring, and remote support
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Priced per screen

RM S Series

  • Remote Management: Real-time basis monitoring and control of content & screen
  • Enhanced Security: locks for inaccessible Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi network 


Priced per screen

RM P Series

  • Includes all functions of RM S Series
  • Early Warning: receiving notification of screen's in advance
  • Energy Management: check screen's power consumption
  • Preset: apply the same setting to multiple screens in advance
  • Private Certification: connect screen to authenticated network by one click

* Only one VXT Plan can be selected and two plans cannot be selected at the same time.

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