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    Grocery store digital signage solutions

    Samsung’s VXT digital signage solution is the perfect partner for grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores. Digital signage in grocery stores can boost sales by promoting products while keeping customers informed about current sales, upcoming promotions, and loyalty programs.

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    Boost revenue with an engaging experience

    Enhance the customer experience

    digital menu board displayed in a quick service restaurant

    Improve store navigation

    With digital displays placed at the store entrance or in strategic locations inside, grocery store owners can provide store maps, product locations, and directions to specific sections or aisles. This helps customers navigate the store more easily and find what they need quickly, improving their overall shopping experience.

    Boost sales for key products

    Samsung VXT displays in store aisles can provide detailed information about products, such as ingredients, nutritional values, allergens, and cooking instructions. Customers with specific dietary needs or other concerns can easily make informed decisions about what to buy.

    Improve customer experience

    Samsung VXT screens at checkout lanes can provide entertainment to customers as they wait in line. By offering engaging content such as recipes, cooking tips, or trivia questions, grocery store owners can make the checkout experience more enjoyable for customers.

    Create a legion of loyal customers

    Samsung VXT digital signage can enhance the shopping experience by making it more enjoyable, informative, and engaging for customers. By providing useful information and entertainment throughout the store, grocery store owners can create a positive and memorable experience for their customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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